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Our History

Article [1]

by D.T.J. Hurle, courtesy of Journal of Crystal Growth


It all started in 1966 with a conference in Boston, MA, USA. Ichiro Sunagawa recently wrote [2] that prior to this conference, (which was conceived by an enthusiastic young man working on magnetic materials at Harvard University), "The crystal growth community was totally fragmented and had remained as a peripheral field at the mercy of other organizations."

Scientists interested in the science and technology of crystal growth had only sporadic opportunities to report their results and that from only a subsidiary position at meetings of various societies whose principal focus was not on crystal growth.


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[1] D. T. J. Hurle, Journal of Crystal Growth 243 (2002) 1–7.
[2] I. Sunagawa, J. Japan ACG 21 (1996) 4 (20th Anniversary issue).

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