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From ICCGE-18, Nagoya, Japan

We, the conference Organizers had the honor to invite His Imperial Highness, The Crown Prince for the opening ceremony. Thanks to the Science Council of Japan as one of the organizers of this conference, we could invite His Imperial Highness The Crown Prince to the opening ceremony as well as the Governor of Aichi prefecture and Mayor of Nagoya city. His Imperial Highness The Crown Prince addressed this conference stating that it will provide an opportunity to present general directions for specific measures to solve important challenges that humankind will face in the twenty-first century, and that it will help to broaden recognition of the world on the important roles played by researchers and engineers. It was our great pleasure and honor to receive such an exciting greeting.

From ISSCG-16, Shiga, Japan

After very successful school in Otsu, Shiga, Japan with 21 outstanding lectures and 81 earnest attenders working in a beautiful landscape of Lake Biwa, the proceedings from the school have been published in the Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials Volume 62, Issue 2, Pages 41-416. For the next several months, the school text will be available for downloading from Elsevier.

Report on the 5th International Workshop on Crystal Growth Technology

June 26 - 30, 2011 Berlin, Germany

The 5th edition of the International Workshop on Crystal Growth Technology, held under the auspices of IOCG, was successfully held in Berlin-Köpenick during 26-30 June 2011. The technical program included 25 keynote lectures, two poster sessions and one panel discussion on “Novel equipment and technologies for bulk crystal growth”. Over 170 delegates actively participated in the sessions and in the memorable boat trip from Köpenick to downtown Berlin.
This Workshop is primarily a forum where industry and academic research can establish a profitable dialog. Its format is somewhat between school and conference and the lecturers did a superb job, succeeding in meeting the expectations of expert and young crystal growers as well as those of the industry representatives.
Main aim of IWCGT-5 was to discuss the latest technological developments in terms of specific machinery, control software and experimental procedures for the preparation and processing of high-quality crystalline materials. Different categories of materials were considered, from classical to novel wide bandgap semiconductors, from oxides for NLO and laser technology to oxides for sensors and scintillators, up to modern meta-materials. Such broad spectrum was selected in order to stimulate the cross-fertilization and the extension of proven technologies from one field to the other. The proceedings will appear as special issue of Journal of Crystal Growth.
Given the positive feedback from many participants the Steering Committee has already decided that the next edition of the Workshop will be held again in Berlin in 2014.
We wish to thank all colleagues of the Programme and Steering committees for their precious suggestions which led to a top class technical programme. Special thanks go to the organizing committee of IKZ for the superb organization and to the sponsors for the generous financial support.

Roberto Fornari David Bliss Koichi Kakimoto
Co-Chairs of IWCGT-5

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