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Schieber Prize


To recognize a young author for his or her outstanding scientific publications in the field of Crystal Growth.


The prize consists of travel and accommodation expenses (to a maximum of USD5000) to the ICCG conference and a certificate citing the contributions made by the recipient. The prize is awarded every 3 years during the ICCG conference.

Establishment & Support

The prize will commence in 2004 and is sponsored in full by The Journal of Crystal Growth (Elsevier Science, B.V.). The term of sponsorship and scope of the prize will be reviewed every 6 years.


Rules & Eligibility 

The prize shall be awarded to one person who is an early career worker. Early career worker is to be understood as someone who has been active in the field up to twelve years at the scheduled time of the opening session of the respective ICCGE meeting. The publications for which the award is made should consist of a paper or series of papers, published prior to the opening of that ICCG. The criteria for selection should be scientific excellence, clarity of presentation and impact on the field of crystal growth. Scientists of all nations, regardless of the geographical or employment location at which the work was done, are eligible.


Nomination & Selection

IOCG will establish a committee to administer the prize. The committee will be chaired by an officer of IOCG and include the Principal Editor and a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Crystal Growth. The committee shall be responsible for solicitation of nominations and selection of the winner (subject to final approval of the Officers of IOCG). Nominations (but not self nominations) are welcome from all members of the crystal growth community.

Past Winners

  • 2019 at ICCGE XIX Keystone, CO, USA

    • Anton Jesche, Center for Electronic Correlations and Magnetism, Institut für Physik, Universität Augsburg, for innovative development of crystal growth processes for complex correlated electron and magnetic materials.

  • 2016 at ICCGE XVIII, Nagoya, Japan

    • Alexander Van Driessche, ISTerre, CNRS, Grenoble, France, for his pioneering work in the study of nucleation and growth of crystals from the nano-to-macroscale.

  • 2013 at ICCGE XVII, Warsaw, Poland

    • Yuki Kimura for his innovative work on the nucleation and growth of cosmic nano-minerals based on size effects of nanoparticles. Through innovative experimental approaches, he developed a new understanding of the initial formation of materials within space which has extensions to the modern synthesis of nanomaterials.

  • 2010 at ICCG XVI, Beijing, China

    • Victor Maltsev (Russia) for his outstanding work as a young author in developing “Single crystal growth of novel rare-earth-doped orthoborates for a

  • 2007 at ICCG XV Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

    • Verònica Bermùdez (Spain) for her publications regarding new approaches for measuring and engineering dopant domain structures.

  • 2004 at ICCG XIV, Grenoble, France

    • J. Goniakowski (France)

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